What in the world are your patients doing on Facebook?

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Statistics abound on the internet. We’ve written here before about how essential it is for your hospital to have a Facebook page. Here are some interesting facts that emphasize the power of Facebook and can help you set sound strategy to improve your Facebook presence.

First, the big picture.
  • The average Facebook user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook
  • 20 million Facebook users become fans of pages per day
  • 60 million status updates are made per day
Why Facebook users “Like” a brand on Facebook.
  • 25% want to receive discounts and promotions
  • 21% are customers of the brand
  • 18% want to show support for the brand
  • 10% do it for fun and entertainment
  • 8% want to be the first to know information about the brand
  • 6% want access to exclusive content
  • 5% followed a friend’s recommendation to “like” a brand
  • 4% want to be part of the brand/fan community
  • 2% work for the brand
What caused Facebook users to like a brand’s page in the first place?
  • 75% connected because they were invited by the brand directly
  • 59% connected because they were invited by a friend
  • 49% connected as the result of personal research
And why do people unsubscribe from a brand’s Facebook page?
  • 32% were no longer interested in the brand
  • 27% thought updates were published too frequently
  • 22% thought updates were uninteresting
  • 12% plain did not like the updates
  • 7% thought updates didn’t come enough

Interestingly, 21% of Facebook users are more likely to recommend a brand after “liking” their page.

Some simple lessons? First of all, do whatever you can to convince your CEO, your corporate office, or whoever that your hospital needs a Facebook page. Next, make sure you invite your patients to join, and encourage your patients to invite their family and friends to join as well. Post interesting, useful updates that are important to your patients – not just to you. Find the right balance in frequency.

As always in social media, don’t worry about hitting the nail on the head the first time out. Do your research. Make sure you have a sound strategy that fits your overall marketing objectives, and then go for it. If you do it right, your patients will be happy you did! They may even like you.

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