Seven Things Steve Jobs Can Teach Hospitals About Social Media

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Sure Steve Jobs is recognized as a genius today. But it wasn’t always so. Remember that two decades ago he was fired from Apple and unsuccessfully launched Next Computer.

Since then he has revolutionized the computer, music, and telecommunications industries. So how did he do it? What are some of the keys to his success? And what do they have to do with social media for hospitals?

A recent Business Insider article identified seven key factors that have contributed to Jobs’ success. I think there are serious applications to your role as a social media director.

Think simple.

This is also one of Hive’s core values. As you develop your social media strategy, there are endless distractions. Identify your key marketing goals, choose your most powerful platforms to leverage those goals, and remember to give your patients what they want. Focus.

Be different.

Social media gives you the perfect opportunity to set your hospital apart from all the others in your market. Share your services with your community in innovative ways.

Be a risk taker and make tough decisions.

You are in an industry that is understandably cautious, given the myriad of guidelines and regulations. But, within reason, you must take appropriate risk. While others are still worrying about HIPAA regulations or staff limitations, identify your strategy. Establish your social media policies. Outline your HIPAA-compliant guidelines. Slash unproductive projects. Carve out the time. And jump in with both feet. Show your community that you’re engaged.

Make great products, and package them even better.

The equivalent in social media is your content – the messages you share on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, your website and more. Your first question should be: Is this interesting? Do our patients really care about this? Does this help accomplish our marketing objectives? Then make sure you’re putting your most professional foot forward. Double-check for typos, grammar, design and production qualities.

Create an experience.

Use your social media tools to promote events and make sure they’re memorable, surprising and generous. Connect with your fans and followers face-to-face.

Be confident.

You may wonder at first if anybody cares about your message. Realize that rarely will you make a big splash the first time out. Deliver interesting, relevant content. Promote it the right way. Stick with it. Your patients will find you, and they will appreciate your confidence and consistency.

Be passionate.

Steve Jobs said in his Stanford commencement speech: “Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” This is your chance to shine. You’re leading marketing and communication efforts because you sincerely believe in your hospital’s ability to touch hearts, change lives, heal and, when that’s not possible, comfort. Let your passion for what you do shine through in all your content.

If you follow these seven factors, you will excel in social media and, in doing so, grow your market while you’re making a difference in the lives of your patients and community.

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