Get a New Desk: Adjusting Your Day to Better Accommodate Social Media

How does social media fit into your day? Is it a regular item on our daily to do list? Or is it that dreaded item that seems to fall to the end of your priority list, next to be done when you finish that big project?

A co-worker sent me this article the other day, titled “Posture at Work.” It’s written by a man who, after injuring his back a year ago, got a standing desk that would allow him to continue working, as his injury left him unable to sit for long periods of time.

Since his injury, he had been plagued by pain, and the simple solution for him to stay at work was to get a new desk that allowed him to stand all day instead of sit. Without the desk, who knows what sort of physical condition he’d be in now, or if he’d be able to work.

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I think it’s a similar situation for your hospital’s social media strategy, and those who are managing it. Your staff is always going to be busy. There are always going to be other, more seemingly important items on their to do list than getting to that Twitter or Facebook account.

But what you can change is how they look at it. Instead of letting them give up, just encourage them get a new desk. In other words, encourage them to change how they approach social media on a daily basis. If they’re feeling burdened by checking their Facebook account for updates throughout the day, help them develop a calendar for the day so they can set up a time where they do that and only that.  If it’s multiple accounts that overwhelm them, help them choose the best one to focus on.

Life is all about adjustments. If we never took the time to adjust our strategies, we would have a hard time accomplishing our goals as they change. It’s the same for social media. There will always be something else you can do, so it’s important to identify what you can realistically accomplish.

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