A Double-Dose of Brian Solis: Social Media Food for Thought

Image: Brian Solis / Jess3

One of the remarkable benefits of social media is the generous sharing of ideas and information. Thanks to the internet and a philosophy that free is good, you can find a wealth of great material regarding just about everything you need to know about social media for hospitals.

One of my favorite social media thought leaders is Brian Solis, author and digital analyst, sociologist and futurist. I’d like to share with you two ideas I’ve picked up from him recently.

Social Compass

This thought-provoking graphic shows the interrelationship of brand, players, platform, channels, emotions/sentiment in ever widening halos. You can read his explanation on his blog. This is a fascinating way to organize the connections of online social relationships. View a large version here.

The Power of a Tweet

In a recent tweet Solis summarized the psychology and purpose of social media platforms in less than 140 characters.

Twitter = What’s happening?
Facebook = Do you like this?
Four Square = Where am I?
Quora = What?
YouTube = What I’m watching.
LinkedIn = What’s in it for me?

Food for thought for your weekend!

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