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I am so delighted by the clever way Edge Shaving Gel is building positive word of mouth through Twitter.

If you tweet that something is irritating you – particularly if you use the hashtag #soirritating – the Edge Shave Zone team may send a little something your way to smooth out your day.

One tweeter who was irritated that he was out of cereal received a large supply of Cap’n Crunch and other cereals. Another woman tweeted that her husband never put in his hearing aids. Since they couldn’t do much about him, they sent his wife a megaphone.

Are you smiling? How does this make you feel about Edge Shaving Gel?

Three things give this impact:

  • It’s completely unexpected.
  • It’s generous.
  • It’s fun.

At this point, I hope your mind is spinning. How can you apply this idea to your hospital social media efforts? What opportunities are there on Facebook, in your blogs, e-newsletters, or your YouTube channel to provide unexpected, generous, fun experiences for your patients and their families?

And how about your internal audiences? How could this idea be applied to add a spark to your National Nurses Week festivities? Doctors Day recognitions?

And how do you think they will all feel about your hospital if you do?

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