Social Media Research: A Cautionary Tale

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Last week, a Tweet invited me to take a social media marketing industry survey.

I’m an avid reader of social media research and regularly scan journals, academic conference papers and dissertations for new research pertaining to social media. In the scope of communications, social media is a new phenomena and more research to help us understand it is always welcome.  I’m involved in my own social media research, and regularly use others’ research to define strategies for clients. Read more

Using Smart Phones to Reach Your Audience: A Great Idea

I love my smart phone. A lot. Besides using it to make phone calls and send text messages, I use my phone for numerous other things. I use it to check my e-mail, browse the web, check my Facebook account, play games, keep track of my calendar, manage my to do list, jot down notes, as a GPS, as an iPod, and as my camera. I always have it on me, and I find it extremely useful. Read more

Could Quora Be Good for Your Hospital?

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Quora – a new social media tool that allows members to ask and answer questions.

This month we’re going to take a close look at Quora. What exactly is it? How does it work? Can it help hospitals engage with patients? If so, what might be the best way to use it? Read more

8 Essential Steps Before You Launch Your Hospital’s Social Media Strategy

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Getting Things Done guru David Allen is a big fan of breaking tasks down into manageable bites.

If you’re thinking seriously about incorporating social media into your hospital’s overall marketing strategy, this advice definitely applies to you. When I first began learning about social media, I felt like I was drinking from a fire hose. So much information was coming at me that I had a tough time knowing what and when to swallow. Read more

Text4baby Uses Text Messaging to Connect With Moms

Last year many of my friends became moms for the first and second time. And whether it’s their first or second baby, they all have something in common: they love to surf the Internet for information related to caring for their babies.

They often post questions on their Facebook pages, directed at fellow moms. They ask questions ranging from what kind of medicine to give their coughing infant, to how to soothe them after a trip to the doctor for shots, or even suggestions for brands of cloth diapers.
Read more