When the AMA Moves on Social Media…You Know It’s Time

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You know the use of social media is growing among physicians when the AMA comes out with its own policy. This happened at the organization’s most recent semi-annual meeting in San Diego.

According to AMA Board Member Mary Anne McCaffree, M.D., “Using social media can help physicians create a professional presence online, express their personal views and foster relationships, but it can also create new challenges for the patient-physician relationship.” She added, “The AMA’s new policy outlines a number of considerations physicians should weigh when building or maintaining a presence online.”

You’ve Got the Green Light

The fact that the AMA has come out with a policy is recognition that social media is being increasingly adopted by physicians. It should be a catalyst for hospitals to develop their own social media strategies.

How will you incorporate your physicians’ social media platforms? What policies will you adopt? Consider researching who among your staff physicians have adopted social media and ask them how they would like the hospital to complement their efforts.

If your hospital has been putting off social media adoption because of HIPAA concerns–the AMA has just given you the green light. Time for you to put your foot on the gas. (BTW – You can follow AMA on Twitter and Facebook.)

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