2 Ways to Boost Your Hospital Blog Readership

If you are typical of research conducted by Dan Zarrella, HubSpot’s social media scientist, you are most likely reading this blog in the morning.

Zarrella recently surveyed more than 1,400 blog readers and asked them what time of day they read blogs. Nearly 80% said morning. Only about 40% of those surveyed read blogs at night.  And most respondents said they read blogs at more than one time.

However, Zarrella found that the frequency of blogging might be the most important factor in boosting readership. He analyzed 1,000 of the most popular blog posts on the web, according to Technorati. Those who post a blog more than once a day earned 3 times the readership of those who posted blogs daily or less.

What can we learn from Zarrella’s research?

• Post your blog early in the morning. I’m a huge fan of marketing guru Seth Godin. His blog posts arrive in my email around 3 am west coast time, certainly to make sure they’re available to east coast readers when they’re starting their day.

• Blog as frequently as possible. If you don’t have a single blogger who can keep up the pace, share the duty. Invite three or four from your hospital to contribute to your blog, set up a schedule, and hold them to it. At Hive Strategies four of us publish five days a week, a schedule that gives each of us time to put some real thought into our blog posts.

What is your blog post strategy?

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