How I Manage my Twitter Account in 40 Minutes Per Day

Last week I wrote a blog post about how to manage your social media campaign without feeling overwhelmed. And as helpful as I hope it was, I thought I would connect it to practical application by sharing how I manage my Twitter account in 40 minutes per day.

When I started my Twitter account, it was overwhelming. I wasn’t sure what to start tweeting, when I should tweet, who I should follow or how I would gain followers. But I decided to jump in without worrying about “doing it right,” and as a result I have a daily schedule that has made managing my account well, manageable!

20 minutes: When I come into the office in the morning, I check my tweet deck and read through the tweets I’ve missed since I left work the day before, taking note of the topics that interest me. Once I have found three or four tweets that interest me, I do some investigating. I click through to the web page the article was published on and read the content there. If it’s something I think is worth re-tweeting, I read a little about the site if it’s new to me. Then I can validate the sources as reputable one and know that I can get quality information from them.

10 minutes: Once I have found several items to tweet, I schedule them at once to save time, using a great web site called Social Oomph allows you to schedule tweets so you don’t have to update them in real time. It’s handy because I can choose to publish my tweet the same day, the next day or even several days to weeks in advance, and I can even choose the exact time I want it to publish. I recommend this because it allows you to spread out your information over the course of a workday without having to interrupt your other tasks to do so.

10 minutes: Now that my tweets are scheduled, I go through my new followers and read about them. I get about three new followers per day, so I take some time to look at their profiles and decide if I’d like to follow them in return. More often than not, I choose to follow them, but there are some exceptions (exceptions include people who I would follow on my personal account rather than my Hive account, as I like to keep the two separate).

This is how I manage my account in a day that is full of meetings, research, interviews, article writing and errands. And because one of our Hive core values is simplify, I recommend that you also develop a system that will help you manage your social media strategy in a short period of time.

And of course, if you have any questions for me, or ideas of your own about how you manage your account, please share, I’d love to hear them.

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