No Facebook Page? Don’t Wait Another Day

I serve on the board of directors of my local downtown association. It is a mixed group of merchants and professionals of various ages and diverse backgrounds.

As I walked into our last board meeting, our 60+ year-old treasurer congratulated me on my daughter’s recent wedding. I was surprised that she was even aware of the event, until she explained, “I saw her photos on Facebook. She looked beautiful!” Read more

What Can Hospitals Learn From a McRib Sandwich?

A Taste of How Social Media Can Support Promotional Efforts

The Daily Dog had an interesting article on how the McRib –love it or hate it– was causing a buzz in social media and, because of it, was creating tremendous brand awareness for McDonald’s.

The most interesting point to consider in the article and the one that holds a lesson for hospitals is:  “Because even if the majority of consumers will never see one, much less eat one, the fast food giant is getting more free publicity than it could ever buy.” Read more

When Your Facebook Page Becomes a Place for Requesting Medical Advice

I recently read an article from the Wall Street Journal of  “More Than Two-Thirds of United States Consumers Seek Medical Advice Via the Internet and Social Media.” When I first read it, I wasn’t surprised to see that they seek it through the Internet, but I was surprised to see social media in the headline.

Social media a source for medical advice? Really? Read more

The Right Course: Connecting with Patients One at a Time

Last summer we helped a hospital manage a run/walk for Cancer. We’ve been managing the event for a dozen years, and it operates as a well-oiled machine.

Flickr: chego101

It’s a community event. We arrive in the dark to set up the course. As the sun rises, volunteers begin registering the runners and walkers, members of the high school cross country team take their positions at strategic points to direct the participants through the twists and turns of the course, and at 8 a.m. the starting blast splits the air. They’re off and running/walking.

Our first hint that something was wrong was when volunteers at the walker’s water station called to ask if the race had been delayed. No one had come by the water station yet. Read more

A Dose of Social Media Can Be Healthy for Teens

By now, most of us know that teens are among the most active online users, but did you know that one of the activities they are engaging in online is seeking health information? According to the Pew’s Teen Life Online, older girls are the most likely to look for health, fitness or diet information – 40% of online girls 15 to 17 reported that they had done so. Older boys were the next most likely to search for that information with 26% saying they had visited those sites. Eighteen percent of all the younger (12-14) online teens said they had looked for health, fitness or dieting information. Read more