The Story of the Stork Who Skyped

By Jean Kelso Sandlin, Senior Strategist

For any skeptic that says all this digital media is dehumanizing…they haven’t read the story of how Brockton Hospital in Massachusetts used Skype to enable a father to watch the birth of his son.

Amy Littlefield’s article in the Enterprise News details the story of Army Sgt. Jason Race, who was stationed in Afghanistan, and his wife Kimberly, who was due to give birth. Even before Jason was notified by the Red Cross, who was instrumental in arranging the Skype session, Jason was awoken by a colleague who saw Kimberly’s Facebook posting in which she asked that her husband be notified that the baby was on his way.

To make the Skype session happen, a few hospital policies had to be amended, like allowing cell phones in the birthing room.

In her article, Littlefield relays Kimberly’s warming words as she held her newborn son, Logan: “Say ‘hi’ to your daddy.” Kimberly called the Skyped labor and birthing session, “a beautiful thing.”

The next time someone is quick to criticize the dehumanizing technologies of today, I’ll remember Logan and the joy that he Skyped to his father in Afghanistan, and know they are wrong.

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