Take Your Social Media Plan From Good To Great

Some of you may be familiar with Jim Collins’ best-selling book, Good to Great. It is based on five years of research and details innovative concepts to put businesses on the trajectory toward greatness. After Good to Great was published, Collins came out with a small monograph called Good to Great and the Social Sectors, based on his preliminary research in the social sector. In that work, he offers concepts to boost the greatness of social institutions, including hospitals.

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Seattle Mama Doc Knows Best: Effective Healthcare Blogging

Taking on the role of “blogger” is a big step, especially for physicians or other staff members who already have demanding work schedules. Often, the time and energy needed to write thoughtful and pertinent posts can seem overwhelming. And, as a client of ours recently wondered, “How do I know that I even have anything interesting to say?”

To those considering this next big step with similar concerns about time and content, I say: Relax. You have all the tools you need. Your daily human experience and professional expertise provide a wealth of ideas. Believe it or not, your blog writing may even become something you look forward to—it’s thrilling to participate in a community conversation! However, for those of you for whom my optimistic outlook doesn’t quite cut it, I have a great example for you to follow. Read more

Grab the Tums; Let’s Have a Conversation

By Jean Kelso Sandlin, Senior Strategist

If just thinking about the possibilities of adopting social media for your hospital gives you indigestion­–so many possibilities, so little time–get ready to grab the Tums. Brian Solis and Jess3 just introduced the updated version of The Conversation Prism 3.0. It’s a visual map of the social media landscape organized to indicate where the function of specific social media tools intersects with business purposes – such as sales, marketing, public relations, and crisis management. Read more

Four Steps To Help Your Facebook Brand Pay Off

I read an interesting article on AdWeek about Facebook branding and how it pays off for businesses. The article mentioned a survey conducted by DDB, an advertising agency, and said that “Facebook users who like a brand’s page on the social networking site use its products regularly or occasionally and, after following the brand on Facebook, more than a third of the respondents ‘want to buy this brand’s product more.’” The article also went on to say that 92 percent of those surveyed would recommend the brand to someone else.

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Are We Crazy? Lazy? Hazy? Why We Don’t Have a Facebook Page

When we created Hive Strategies we had a healthy discussion about whether or not to host a Facebook page.

Part of our team insisted that we needed one. “How can we claim to be leaders in social media without having our own Facebook page?” they asked. It was a good question that indicated a persuasive argument. But there were other more compelling questions: “Why do we need a Facebook page? How would it support our overall marketing strategy?” Read more