How to Tweet Great Content Every Time

If you’re just beginning to explore the world of Twitter, you may be wondering how you’re going to create content that will attract followers. After all, having good content takes research, writing and time, three things that might not seem worth it, especially if you have yet to gain followers.

But the good news is that the content you put out to your followers doesn’t have to take a lot of time. But it can still be interesting and useful.

The great thing about the Internet is that there is a lot of content being generated every day by millions of people. And while some of that content is a bit iffy, most of it is really useful.

This is where something we like to call “content redistribution” comes in. Content redistribution is the term we use for finding information in blogs and articles and then redistributing it.

However, I must be clear this is not stealing. You are not taking the content on blogs and in articles and passing them off as your own.  You are simply telling others about what you’ve found.

If you are already on Twitter, you most likely see countless examples of content redistribution whenever you look at your feed.

A good example of this is a Tweet sent out my co-worker, @hivemegan. She Tweeted “What’s your strategy for improving patient experience?” and included a link to the article “Patient Experience Confirmed as Priority Through Hospital Survey by The Beryl Institute,” published by PR Newswire. Now, it’s pretty obvious Megan didn’t create this content herself, yet at the same time, she was sending valuable information out to her followers.

That’s what content redistribution is all about. You don’t have to publish original content every time to attract followers. All you need to do is send out content that is engaging, interesting and relevant to your followers.

So how do you practice this and make it worth your time? I suggest starting by browsing your favorite web sites and then book marking them. If you like to read a particular health journal, bookmark its home page or blog and each morning as you’re looking for content, visit the page. Of course they won’t always publish content you can use, but if you have a collection of web sites you visit frequently, one of them is bound to have content you can re-Tweet to your followers.

Of course, it is good to publish original content along with your redistributed information. But don’t let your fear of creating your own information prevent you from Tweeting. Your followers will follow you not only for what you think, but for how current you are, and if you consistently send them the latest news, they’ll keep watching you for more.

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