Four Steps To Help Your Facebook Brand Pay Off

I read an interesting article on AdWeek about Facebook branding and how it pays off for businesses. The article mentioned a survey conducted by DDB, an advertising agency, and said that “Facebook users who like a brand’s page on the social networking site use its products regularly or occasionally and, after following the brand on Facebook, more than a third of the respondents ‘want to buy this brand’s product more.’” The article also went on to say that 92 percent of those surveyed would recommend the brand to someone else.

It seems obvious that if you “like” a business or brand that you would recommend it to someone else, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I’ve agreed to “like” a brand I wasn’t interested in simply because a friend asked me to and I felt it would be rude to decline. However, instead of focusing on why I wouldn’t recommend a brand just because I “like” it on Facebook, I am going to focus on a few reasons why I would recommend a brand based on its Facebook presence.

There are currently 16 brands I have marked as “liking.” And of those 16, I engage in the content of seven of those brands. The others either don’t post often, or just aren’t relevant to me when they do post.

So what do those seven do that grab my attention? Four very simple things, really.

Post 3 to 5 times a week. I tend to tune out when I get too many posts in a week, but then for others like I listed above, I start to forget about them if they post infrequently. It’s important to find a balance to keep your readers engaged and informed.

Visually interesting content. Even if you’re posting content about a new clinic or fundraising event, putting up photos is important. It personalizes the brand and makes you feel as though you have access to content not everyone can see.

Access to upcoming events. Whether it’s an upcoming informational seminar or support group, I love knowing the specifics all in one place. The event, time, date, place and cost are all important details, and if I can find that in one place, that gets points in my book.

Two-way communication. When a company facilitates questions and responds to comments, it assures me they don’t view their Facebook pages as just a place to “sell” a product or service. It’s important for me to know there is a human behind the brand, especially if that service being provided is related to my health.

Overall, you can make your hospital’s Facebook page stronger by informing your readers of information relevant to them. And while my four guidelines aren’t the only things you can do to make your Facebook page successful, I imagine they will help get you into that 92% of brands that would be recommended by their fans. Just remember that once you start to learn what your fans like, maintaining the support can reap great rewards.

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