Now Streaming Live From Your Hospital…

By Jean Kelso Sandlin, Senior Strategist

Soon you’ll be able to stream your video live on YouTube. This month, YouTube began a limited trial of a new live streaming platform that integrates live streaming directly into YouTube channels. After evaluating the trial, they plan to roll out the platform more broadly.

If your hospital is interested in becoming a broadcaster, all you need is a webcam or external USB/FireWire camera. A “Live Comments” section lets viewers engage with the broadcaster and the broader YouTube community.

With the streaming capability just around the corner, now is the time to strategize how your hospital could utilize it. Could it be harnessed to offer: educational programs with expert physicians? Press conferences? A platform for crisis management? Staff and physician recruitment? A tour of the new facility on opening day? Or a groundbreaking new procedure?

Of course, one consideration with live broadcasting is the “blooper factor,” so do assess the risk and make sure you balance the desire for the live broadcasts with the inherent risks.

Click here to read YouTube’s announcement on their blog.

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