Considering Mobile Strategies? Don’t Sleep On It

By Jean Kelso Sandlin, Senior Strategist

If you’ve ever doubted that your hospital should consider having a strategy for mobile devices…don’t sleep on it, get moving. When 65% of adults report that they’ve slept with their cell phones on or next to their beds, it’s time to take mobile devices seriously.

The new Pew study sheds light on people’s cell phone habits and breaks some stereotypes – like women tend to make slightly fewer calls than men; and 72% of adults text (clearly not just a teen activity any more).

One market segment that should interest all hospitals is the parent market. Parents with children under 18 are more likely to have and use cell phones (90%). And mobile devices could be a great way to connect with a diverse patient demographic because 87% of Blacks and 87% of Hispanics (as compared with 80% of Whites) own a cell phone.

As ER rooms experiment with texting wait times and more phones are being used to access web pages from the internet, hospitals must ask themselves how their patient communities uses cell phones and how they could incorporate education and outreach via mobile devices into their social media strategies.

You can view the study in its entirety at

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