Considering Mobile Strategies? Don’t Sleep On It

By Jean Kelso Sandlin, Senior Strategist

If you’ve ever doubted that your hospital should consider having a strategy for mobile devices…don’t sleep on it, get moving. When 65% of adults report that they’ve slept with their cell phones on or next to their beds, it’s time to take mobile devices seriously. Read more

Now Streaming Live From Your Hospital…

By Jean Kelso Sandlin, Senior Strategist

Soon you’ll be able to stream your video live on YouTube. This month, YouTube began a limited trial of a new live streaming platform that integrates live streaming directly into YouTube channels. After evaluating the trial, they plan to roll out the platform more broadly. Read more

Do Your Patients Trust Car Salesmen More Than Doctors?

Do your patients trust the automotive industry over health care? According to Edelman’s 2010 “Trust Barometer,” (a survey of an informed public, ages 25-64 in 20 countries), they do. The automotive industry scored 63% and the health care industry only scored 60%. Healthcare also trailed behind technology (79%), biotech (63%), energy (61%), retail (63%) and food (61%). Healthcare did prevail over the pharmaceutical industry (56%), manufacturers (56%), entertainment (56%), banks (48%), and media (44%) and insurance (42%) companies.

Read more

Will Another Hospital’s Failure Derail Your Social Media Efforts?

By Jean Kelso Sandlin, Senior Strategist

You’ve been watching the number of hospitals adopting social media steadily increase, and you think you’ve finally convinced your top administrators to consider adopting social media tools to better engage your communities…then the story in the Los Angeles Times breaks. The one that details how hospital employees posted pictures of a severely beaten patient on their Facebook page. You can hear the tires screeching and smell the rubber as your social media plans get stopped in its tracks. Read more

Hold the Megaphone and Pass the Tomatoes

By Jean Kelso Sandlin, Senior Strategist

To stay informed in this fast-changing social media landscape I read a lot. I read books, blogs, new research on how people are using the Internet to access healthcare information and case studies of how hospitals are using this new media to successfully connect with their communities. One blog I read this morning said, “The Internet should be used like a megaphone.” I disagree. I don’t know about you, but if I see someone on the corner with a megaphone, I walk the other way. Read more